The Eurocrypt’92 Controversial Issue Trapdoor Primes and Moduli

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Motivated by the public controversy surrounding the draft standard for digital signatures (DSS) proposed by NIST, the Program Committee of Eurocrypt’92 decided to hold a panel discussion on the larger issue of trapdoor primes and moduli. The panel members were: Yvo Desmedt, University of Wisconsin Peter Landrock, Aarhus University Arjen Lenstra, Bellcore Kevin McCurley, Sandia National Laboratories Andrew Odlyzko, AT&T Bell Laboratories Rainer Rueppel, R3 Security Engineering Miles Smid, National Institute of Standards and Technology Each of the panel members was given time to make a personal statement on the subject. Then an open discussion followed. For this report each of the panel members was asked to provide a summary of his own personal statement. The following contributions are ordered in the same squence as the statements were given at Eurocrypt’92.


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