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The visual results of the research described in this dissertation are captured in a number of short animation clips and two mini animation films “Go Fish!” and “A National Geo-Graphics Society Special:The Undersea World of Jack Cousto”. “Go Fish!” was made in 1993 and was selected and presented at the ACM SIGGRAPH’93 Electronic Theater Evening Program [25]. “The Undersea World of Jack Cousto” was made in 1994 and was presented at the ACM SIGGRAPH’95 Electronic Theater Evening Program. Both animations were subsequently broadcast in various television science programs internationally.[1] “Go Fish!” has also won several awards, including the 1994 Canadian Academy of Multimedia and Arts and Sciences International Award for Technical Excellence. In the following sections, we briefly describe “Go Fish!” and “The Undersea World of Jack Cousto”, as well as the contents of some additional animation shorts.


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