Corporate Semantic Webs

  • Rose Dieng
Conference paper
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The next generation of the Web will be the semantic Web where semantic contents of the Web resources will be interpretable not only by human but also by machine. One popular approach for Semantic Web consists of describing this semantic contents through metadata. Knowledge Management is one of the key progress factors inorganizations. It can rely on explicit and persistent materialization of knowledge of dispersed groups of people in the organization, so as to improve the activities of the organization. When the organization knowledge is distributed among several experts and documents, an Intranet inside the organization and Web technologies can be a privileged means for acquisition, modelling, management of this distributed knowledge. One promising approach relies on the analogy between the resources constituting a corporate memory and the resources accessible through the Web. A corporate memory can thus be materialised in a “corporate semantic Web” made up of resources (e.g. documents or experts), ontologies and semantic annotations on these resources by using the conceptualvocabulary of the ontologies. I shall present a survey of present research useful for building suchcorporate semantic webs.

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