Heuristics for Efficient Manipulation of Composite Constraints

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Composite Symbolic Library is a symbolic manipulator for model checking systems with heterogeneous data types. Our current implementation uses two basic symbolic representations: BDDs for boolean and enumerated variables, and polyhedra for (unbounded) integers. These basic representations are imported to the Composite Symbolic Library using a common interface and are combined using a disjunctive composite representation. In this paper, we present several heuristics for efficient manipulation of this composite representation. Our heuristics make use of the following observations: 1) efficient operations on BDDs can be used to mask expensive operations on polyhedra, 2) our disjunctive representation can be exploited by computing pre and post-conditions and subset checks incrementally, and 3) size of a composite representation can be minimized by iteratively merging matching constraints and removing redundant ones. We present experimental results that illustrate efficiency of our algorithms.


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