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Real-Time Cell Arrival Sequence Estimation and Simulator for IP/ATM Networks

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Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS,volume 1815)


We have developed a new traffic measuring tool and applied it to the real-time simulation of a network. It monitors IP traffic on an ATM link and continuously transfers the length and timestamp of each IP packet to a post-processing system. The post-processing system receives the data, estimates the cell’s arrival epoch at the transmission queue of the ATM link, and simulates the queueing behavior on-line if conditions differ from those of the actual system. The measuring tool and real-time simulation rep resent a new approach to traffic engineering. A new estimation problem, the arrival sequence estimation, is shown and some algorithms are proposed and evaluated.


  • Simulation Condition
  • Busy Period
  • Link Capacity
  • Packet Length
  • Output Link

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