Engineering Highly Accessed Web Sites for Performance

  • Jim Challenger
  • Arun Iyengar
  • Paul Dantzig
  • Daniel Dias
  • Nathaniel Mills
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 2016)


This paper describes techniques for improving performance at Web sites which receive significant traffic. Poor performance can be caused by dynamic data, insufficient network bandwidth, and poor Web page design. Dynamic data overheads can often be reduced by caching dynamic pages and using fast interfaces to invoke server programs. Web server acceleration can significantly improve performance and reduce the hardware needed at a Web site. We discuss techniques for balancing load among multiple servers at a Web site. We also show how Web pages can be designed to minimize traffic to the site.


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  • Arun Iyengar
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  • Paul Dantzig
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  • Daniel Dias
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  • Nathaniel Mills
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