Reduction and Extension

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ABE showed that the question of the existence of non—trivial sections in line bundles can be reduced to positive line bundles. With a general concept of a Riemann form he gave a new proof of the existence of the meromorphic reduction of a toroidal group. Recently Takayama proved the conjecture that positive line bundles L always have non—trivial sections. He proved also that Lℓ is very ample for any integer ℓ ≥ 3. For some questions it is useful to extend holomorphic line bundles from a toroidal group to standard compactifications. M. STEIN showed that this is possible, if and only if the Hermitian form defined by the bundle fulfils a certain condition. Abe condersidered the case where the fibration is associated with an ample Riemann form of kind ℓ.


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