he Possibilities of Automatic Detection/Correction of Errors in Tagged Corpora: A Pilot Study on a German Corpus

  • Karel Oliva
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The performance of taggers is usuallye valuated bytheir percentual success rate. Because of the pure quantitativity of such an approach, all errors committed bythe tagger are treated on a par for the purpose of the evaluation. This paper takes a different, qualitative stand on the topic, arguing that the previous viewpoint is not linguisticallyadequate: the errors (might) differ in severity. General implications for tagging are discussed, and a simple method is proposed and exemplified, able to
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    detect and in some cases even rectifythe most severe errors and thus

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    contribute to arriving finally at a better tagged corpus.

Some encouraging results achieved bya verysimple, manuallyperformed test and evaluation on a small sample of a corpus are given.


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