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Non-Expanding, Key-Minimal, Robustly-Perfect, Linear and Bilinear Ciphers

Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS,volume 304)


The purposes of this paper are: (1) to give appropriate definitions of robustly-perfect ciphers, linear ciphers and bilinear ciphers: (2) to give two general constructions of robustly-perfect bilinear block ciphers that do not expand the plaintext and that have the smallest possible amount of secret key; (3) to give some isolated examples of robustly-perfect linear stream ciphers that use less key than had been earlier conjectured to be necessary; and (4) to suggest some possible useful applications for robustly-perfect linear and bilinear ciphers.


  • Finite Field
  • Block Cipher
  • Stream Cipher
  • Cipher System
  • Shift Register Sequence

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