The Kachanov Method for a Rigid-Plastic Rolling Problem

  • Todor Angelov Angelov
Conference paper
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In this work, the method of successive linearization, proposed by L. M. Kachanov for solving nonlinear variational problems, arizing in the deformation theory of plasticity, is applied to a steady state, hot strip rolling problem. The material behaviour is described by a rigid-plastic, incompressible, strain rate dependent material model and for the roll-workpiece interface a constant friction law is used. The problem is stated in the form of a variational inequality with strongly nonlinear and nondifferentiable terms. The equivalent minimization problem is also given. Under certain restrictions on the material characteristics, existence and uniqueness results are obtained and the convergence of the method is proved.


Variational Inequality Deformation Theory Strain Rate Tensor Dilatation Strain Successive Linearization 
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  • Todor Angelov Angelov
    • 1
  1. 1.Bulgarian Academy of SciencesInstitute of MechanicsBulgaria

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