Excited-State Dynamics in Extended Systems

  • O. Sugino
  • Y. Miyamoto
Part of the Lecture Notes in Physics book series (LNP, volume 706)


There are many subjects in condensed matter physics and chemistry related to excited-state dynamics. For example, photo-induced electronic excitations in the bulk trigger the formation of self-trapped excitons [Song 1996]. These, in the case of SrTiO3, are thought to induce a ferroelectric phase transition [Takesada 2003, Hasegawa 2003]. Photo-excitation in surfaces induces chemical reactions related to photography [Jacobson 1976], solar energy conversion [Hangfeldt 1995], and so on. Electron transfer in surfaces induces electrochemical reactions where the excited-state potential surfaces are concerned [Miller 1995]. Owing to recent experimental progresses, such reaction processes have been measured with increasing resolution in time [Asbury 2001].


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