An Implicit Preconditioned JFNK Method for Fully Coupled Radiating Flows. Application to Superorbital Re-Entry Simulations

  • R. Turpault


The effects of radiation sometimes have a great impact on the aerodynamics flows. This happens in several applications such as in superorbital atmospheric entry. In this case, it is important to have a model that fully couples hydrodynamics and radiation in order to have a good behaviour of the solution. However, coupling with the full radiative transfer equation is usually very expensive hence it is not reasonable for multidimensional unsteady computations. In this paper, we briefly introduce the radiation model we use to reduce the computation cost and then discuss the way we make the full coupling between radiation and hydrodynamics. The example of a venusian early entry is given which shows the interest of the method.


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  • R. Turpault
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  1. 1.Cours de la LiberationMAB, University Bordeaux 1TalenceFrance

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