Renal Sinus Neoplasms

  • Sung Eun Rha
  • Jae Young Byun
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12.7 Conclusion

A broad pathologic spectrum of tumors can occur in the renal sinus. The diagnosis and exact preoperative staging of renal sinus tumors relies on a multimodality imaging approach that includes excretory urography, US, CT, MR imaging, and angiography. Ultrasound is an excellent noninvasive technique to confirm whether such a mass is cystic or solid. If US findings suggest a solid mass, CT or MR imaging is used as a problem-solving technique and for evaluation of the staging or to determine the extent of the lesion. In general, the coronal plane of cross-sectional imaging is the most useful for the evaluation of renal sinus lesions, because it provides a comprehensive view of complicated renal sinus pathology. Familiarity with the imaging features and differential diagnoses of various renal sinus tumors will facilitate prompt, accurate diagnosis and treatment.


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