Collecting Duct Carcinoma

  • Seong Kuk Yoon
  • Seo Hee Rha
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11.7 Conclusion

Collecting duct carcinoma is an aggressive subtype of RCC derived from the renal medulla. The tumor occurs in a wide age range, predominately in men. The usual histologic pattern is that of a tubular or tubulopapillary carcinoma with a desmoplastic stroma. Imaging features suggestive of this diagnosis include a medullary origin and an infiltrative growth pattern. This type of cancer is associated with an extremely poor prognosis. At presentation CDC is metastatic to regional lymph nodes. The characteristic location, typical histologic and radiologic appearance, and reportedly poor prognosis differentiate CDC from the more common RCC. Death usually occurs within 2 years. Various treatments have been proposed but with disappointing results, including radiation therapy, immunotherapy and some combinations of chemotherapy.


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