Approximate Parametrisation of Confidence Sets

  • Zbyněk Šír
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In various geometrical applications, the analysis and the visualization of the error of calculated or constructed results is required. This error has very often character of a nontrivial multidimensional probability distribution. Such distributions can be represented in a geometrically interesting way by a system of so called confidence sets. In our paper we present a method for an approximate parametrisation of these sets. In sect. 1 we describe our motivation, which consists in the study of the errors of so called Passive Observation Systems (POS). In sect. 2 we give a result about the intersection of quadric surfaces of revolution, which is useful in the investigation of the POS. In sect. 3 we give a general method for an approximate parametrisation of the confidence sets via simultaneous Taylor expansion. This method, which can be applied in a wide range of geometrical situations, is demonstrated on a concrete example of the POS.


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