Anterior Masticatory Patterns and Class II Skeletal Relations

  • Stefan Ihde


This chapter deals with patients exhibiting intermaxillary relationships that can be defined as disto-oclusion by orthodontic criteria. These cases are usually associated with a large ANB angle and an intercuspidation in which both the canine and the first molar in the mandible are located too far distally in relation to their maxillary antagonists. Both for orthodontic and for implantological purposes, it is important to look not only at the ANB angle but also at the «Wits appraisal» in these cases. The ANB angle is the angle between points A, B, and N (nasion) in the teleradiograph. The ANB angle is large if the mandibular point is located far behind the maxillary point, indicating the presence of a Class II jaw base relationship. However, the ANB angle does not shed light on the relative position of the jaws: this is where the Wits appraisal comes in.


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