Applications of Heated Atomic Force Microscope Cantilevers

  • Brent A. Nelson
  • William P. King
Part of the NanoScience and Technology book series (NANO)

30.5 Summary and Conclusions

Heated AFM cantilevers have been used for thermal property measurement, microsystems actuation, and thermal processing, but applications using these capabilities have only begun to realize their full potential. Many physical, chemical, and biological phenomena depend upon temperature, and the most interesting measurements are likely yet to be demonstrated. For example, few precision force measurements have been made with heated AFM cantilevers, even though they are outstanding force transducers. Additionally, no investigations that we are aware of have explored the effects of heated probes as highly localized heat sources in biological or biochemical systems.

The most pressing unresolved issue in all of these applications, and for future applications, is the lack of precision quantitative measurements with well-understood uncertainty. The overall impact of heated AFM cantilever probes would be significantly enhanced by further quantitative investigation of heat flow in AFM probes, high-resolution temperature calibration, temperature determination at tip-substrate contacts, and possibly standardization of these across heated AFM cantilever probe types.


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