AFM Applications for Contact and Wear Simulation

  • Nikolai K. Myshkin
  • Mark I. Petrokovets
  • Alexander V. Kovalev
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20.5 Conclusions

At present, there is a strong trend towards a transition from macro to micro and nanoscale that may give a new insight into the basic problems of tribology, such as the influence of deformation and adhesion mechanisms on friction and wear.

The atomic force microscope provides a unique opportunity to obtain the 3D surface topography at nanoscale, to simulate the contact interaction of rough surfaces, to measure the micro-mechanical properties of materials in the thin surface layers, and to model the elementary acts of wear. AFM can be efficiently used in the development ofmultilevel models of surface roughness and contact simulation based on these models.

There are certain drawbacks of AFM related to the dynamics of probe-to-surface interaction and effects of probe shape and hardness on the test data. These drawbacks can be overcome by using precise quasi-static devices and microtribometers in combination with AFM.

It is clear that progress in engineering will provide a lot of new fields in applications of AFM, but micro- and nanotribology continue to be fascinating and fruitful areas for such applications.


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  • Mark I. Petrokovets
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  • Alexander V. Kovalev
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