One- and Two-Dimensional Systems: Scanning Tunneling Microscopy and Spectroscopy of Organic and Inorganic Structures

  • Luca Gavioli
  • Massimo Sancrotti
Part of the NanoScience and Technology book series (NANO)

17.5 Conclusions

The review on low-dimensional systems reported provides just a little taste of the expanding field of nanoscale materials and structures. Many works are showing that qualitatively new behavior in the physical phenomena is often produced by the size constraints. Although such changes in behavior can be the dominant effects in nanoscale structures, we still have remarkably little experience or intuition for the expected phenomena and their practical implication.

As surface scientists, we realize that we are just uncovering a wide world of physical phenomena involving complex systems spanning from physics to chemistry and biology. In particular, the study of simplicity will give way to the study of complexity as the unifying theme. In this world, simple structures interact to create new phenomena and assemble themselves into devices, or complicated structures can be designed atom by atom for desired characteristics.

We hope that the few examples reported here will stimulate researchers to engage in the exploration of this exciting world.

We would like to thank Mattia Fanetti, Maria Grazia Betti, Carlo Mariani and Cinzia Cepek as collaborators for the results we presented here. The nanospectroscopy facility in Brescia was funded by INFM under the Strumentazione Avanzata program. The research work presented here was funded by FIRB-MIUR project “Carbon-based micro and nanostructures”, by PRIN-MIUR project “Nanotribology”, and by the CARIPLO Foundation.


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