Time Domain Optical Imaging of Ferromagnetodynamics

  • B.C. Choi
  • M.R. Freeman
Part of the NanoScience and Technology book series (NANO)


Understanding the magnetic properties of small magnetic elements has become a major challenge in fundamental physics, involving both static and dynamic properties. The importance to technological applications such as high-density magnetic storage is also clear. The investigation of such small magnetic structures relies increasingly on magnetic imaging techniques, since the relevant properties can vary over length scales from micrometers to nanometers. This chapter describes an experimental method for measuring the fast magnetic phenomena in lithographically fabricated magnetic elements in the picosecond temporal regime and with sub-micrometer spatial resolution. The method employs stroboscopic scanning microscopy and is capable of measuring simultaneously all three components of the magnetization vector. This technique allows direct insight into the spatiotemporal evolution of dynamic processes, including ferromagnetic resonance and magnetization reversal in small magnetic elements.


Probe Beam Pump Beam Magnetization Reversal Magnetic Pulse Polarization Rotation 
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