Magnetic Force Microscopy: Images of Nanostructures and Contrast Modeling

  • A. Thiaville
  • J. Miltat
  • J.M. García
Part of the NanoScience and Technology book series (NANO)


Magnetic force microscopy is a scanning technique, derived from atomic force microscopy, that maps the magnetic interaction between a sample and a magnetic tip. It is simple to use (most microscopes operate in ambient conditions) and provides images with a resolution down to 20 nm in best cases. The images do not, however, correspond directly to the sample magnetization, because of the long range of magnetic forces, their complex sources, as well as the potentially perturbing effect of tip-sample interaction. The emphasis of this chapter is on contrast modeling, especially in nanostructures.


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  • J. Miltat
  • J.M. García

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