In the following we give a summary of the computational physics articles presented in the frame of solid-state physics. In the project of Prof. P. Nielaba from the physics department in Konstanz new insights into the electronic transport in nano-wires, elastic constants of model colloids, pore condensates and phase transitions in nano-systems in ex-ternal potentials and reduced geometry have been obtained. Despite the fact that many new experimental techniques have studied these properties in sys-tems of the size of the a few nanometers, the theoretical investigations are still in an initial stage. In this field computer simulations have become more and more important since the nano-systems in reduced geometry contain typically between 10 and 10.000 particles. This size is nearly ideal for the application of computer simulation methods. The summary given by P. Nielaba then de-scribes in detail the computational efficiency implemented at the HLRS in Stuttgart and the results obtained in the projects in 2003.


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