Thermal Aspects

  • Peter Strehl
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Many diagnostic devices such as Faraday cups, simple beam stoppers, slit systems, scrapers, wire scanners, profile grids, and stripping foils stop a particle beam completely or lead to partial interception. Therefore, in the worst case, the total beam power has to be handled by a device hit by the beam. For highly intense beams, this can even result in destroying devices, if one does not take care of the thermal effects. Also loss of a beam, which is one of the most severe concerns in the operation of high intensity accelerators requires attention. Lost particles produce radioactivity in construction materials, sputter their surfaces and, in the worst case, can melt holes in the walls of beam pipes, in thin bellows, or in synchrotron magnet chambers. To avoid such problems, estimation and calculation of thermal effects is essential for the design and use of beam intercepting devices.


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