Wakes in Dark Matter Halos

  • Burkhard Fuchs
Conference paper


I discuss the dynamical interaction of galactic disks with the surrounding dark matter halos. In particular it is demonstrated that if the self-gravitating shearing sheet, a model of a patch of a galactic disk, is embedded in a live dark halo, this has a strong effect on the dynamics of density waves in the sheet. I describe how the density waves and the halo interact via halo particles either on orbits in resonance with the wave or on non-resonant orbits. Contrary to expectation the presence of the halo leads to a very considerable enhancement of the amplitudes of the density waves in the shearing sheet. This effect appears to be the equivalent of the recently reported enhanced growth of bars in numerically simulated stellar disks embedded in live dark halos. Finally I discuss the counterparts of the perturbations of the disk in the dark halo.


Dark Matter Boltzmann Equation Density Wave Galactic Disk Stellar Disk 
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  • Burkhard Fuchs
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  1. 1.Astronomisches Rechen-InstitutHeidelbergGermany

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