Neutral currents and strangeness of the nucleon from the NuTeV experiment

  • Kevin S. McFarland
Conference paper


The NuTeV neutrino experiment ran in 1997–1998 at Fermilab and accumulated the world’s highest statistics samples of high energy (20–300 GeV) separated neutrino and anti-neutrino interactions. The NuTeV collaboration has used this data to extract the electroweak parameter, sin2 θ W, from the measurement of the ratios of neutral current to charged current neutrino and antineutrino deep inelastic scattering cross sections. This result, though consistent with previous neutrino electroweak measurements, is not consistent with predictions. One interpretation involves the possibility that the strange quark sea carries significantly more momentum in the nucleon than the anti-strange sea. We report on the direct study of this possibility from measurements of charged-current interactions on strange quarks in our neutrino and anti-neutrino beams.


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  • Kevin S. McFarland
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