The transmission Compton polarimeter of the A4 experiment

A simple simultaneous monitor for the longitudinal electron beam polarisation
  • Christoph Weinrich
Conference paper


A transmission Compton polarimeter as a simultaneous, relative monitor for the longitudinal polarisation of a stabilised, polarised electron beam (polarisation degree ∼ 80 %) has been constructed in a new design. It is located in the vacuum between the target and the beam dump of the A4 parity violation experiment at MAMI. The analysing power is ∼ 80 ppm at 854 MeV and ∼ 115 ppm at 570 MeV. The measurement precision for the polarimeter asymmetry (which is proportional to the longitudinal beam polarisation degree) is ∼ 3 ppm within 5 min. at 854 MeV and ∼ 7 ppm within 5 min. at 570 MeV and the systematical error is about 0.5 ppm + 1 – 2 %. This simple polarimeter consists mainly of two graphite scatterers, a water-cooled Samarium-Cobalt permanent magnet, an aluminum secondary electron emission monitor, an understructure and electronics.


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