The G0 experiment: Parity violation in e-N elastic scattering

  • Philip G. Roos
Conference paper


The G0 experiment will measure the parity-violating asymmetries in elastic electron-nucleon scattering. The experiment is being performed in Hall C at the Jefferson Laboratory using a polarized electron beam and a dedicated experimental setup. Measurements of the electron-proton asymmetries will be made at both forward and backward angles, and electron-deuteron asymmetries at the backward angles. These measurements will cover a momentum transfer range of 0.1 – 1.0 GeV2/c2. ¿From these data the vector neutral weak form factors, G E Z and G M Z , and the effective axial current of the nucleon, G A e , may be extracted. When combined with the known electromagnetic form factors, one will be able to extract the contributions of u, d, and s quarks to the proton’s charge and magnetization distributions. The first measurements at forward angles for the full momentum transfer range have very recently been successfully completed and preliminary results are presented here.


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