Specification and implementation of a standard for remote database access

  • S. Pappe
  • W. Lamersdorf
  • W. Effelsberg
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 309)


Modern office information systems are increasingly distributed systems of heterogeneous, administrative organizational units. In general, in such systems data is held at different locations, not necessarily identical with the place at which the data is accessed and/or manipulated. There is an increasing need to access remote data without regard to computer boundaries, architectures and software specifies, thus making application programs independent of a specific database. In general, such communication requirements are addressed by standards efforts of ISO for ‘Open Systems Interconnection’ (OSI) and, in particular, by efforts of standardizing the ‘Remote Database Access’ (RDA).

Based on the current state of standardization of RDA, this paper reports on concepts and experiences of a first RDA realization. Characteristic for this implementation are the use of a formal specification method and software tools for the automatic generation of major parts of the RDA implementation.


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  • S. Pappe
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  • W. Lamersdorf
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  • W. Effelsberg
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  1. 1.IBM European Networking CenterHeidelbergWest-Germany

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