Which kinds of OS mechanisms should be provided for database management?

  • P. Christmann
  • Th. Härder
  • K. Meyer-Wegener
  • A. Sikeler
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 309)


The performance of database management systems (DBMS) critically depends on the availability of effective and efficient services offered by the underlying operating system (OS). The DBMS needs for OS support are identified, and appropriate interfaces for the cooperation of OS and DBMS are discussed. Several OS functions including file handling, process management, communication mechanisms, and transaction management are examined with a view toward their suitability for database management support. For these services, important properties and features are derived; their availability at the OS interface greatly improves OS-DBMS cooperation.


File System Address Space Page Size Transaction Management Remote Procedure Call 


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  • Th. Härder
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  • K. Meyer-Wegener
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  • A. Sikeler
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