Set theoretic approaches to graph grammars

  • Manfred Nagl
Part I Tutorial Introductions
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 291)


This paper sketches the approaches of a certain branch of graph grammars mainly studied at Erlangen, Osnabrück, Koblenz and Aachen, West Germany. It is named set theoretic, or expression, or algorithmic approach of graph grammars, because its mathematical base is elementary set theory, expressions are used to denote embedding transformations, and the question of applicability and implementation always was regarded of equal importance as theoretical results.

The paper gives an introduction to this branch of graph grammars by introducing one representative, sketches the theoretical results, the different modifications introduced for applications, and the various fields of applications already studied. It concludes with an outline how graph grammars can be used for conceptual modelling. In all these applications graph grammar modelling is on an abstract level giving, however, deep insight to the solutions for a realization.


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