The power of nondeterminism in polynomial-size bounded-width branching programs

  • Christoph Meinel
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 278)


Nondeterministic branching programs introduced in /Me86,1/ spelt out to be an interesting computational tool for describing higher complexity classes /Me86,2/. The investigation of the power of nondeterminism in the case of bounded-width nondeterministic branching programs yields: while polynomial-size bounded-width 1-time-only-nondeterministic branching programs are not more powerful than polynomial-size (usual) bounded-width branching programs, polynomial-size, bounded-width k-times-only-nondeterministic branching programs, k>1, are as powerful as polynomialsize, unbounded-width, nondeterministic branching programs. I.e.
$$\mathcal{P}_{bw - n_1 BP} = NC^1 and\mathcal{P}_{bw - n_k BP} = NP/poly,k > 1.$$


Boolean Function Turing Machine Complexity Class Polynomial Size Boolean Circuit 


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  • Christoph Meinel
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  1. 1.Karl-Weierstrass-Institut fuer MathematikAkademie der Wissenschaften der DDRBerlin

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