The high altitude observatory-Lowell observatory solar-Stellar spectrophotometry project

  • Ronald L. Gilliland
Panel on Monitoring Programs
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We propose to study chromospheric activity on time scales of rotation and activity cycles in the Sun and solar-like stars using a high-dispersion, dedicated fiber-fed spectrograph facility currently being completed. Using CCD detectors we will record the line intensities of Ca II H and K, Hα, the Ca II IRT and other optical lines reflecting chromospheric activity. To study magnetic activity on rotational time scales we will obtain near nightly observations of about 40 stars over a 120 day time base for several seasons. We hope to extend the detection of rotation periods using rotational modulation of chromospheric emission to later spectral types and other stellar population groups than are currently available. To study stellar cycles we will obtain observations of about 200 stars once per month over a long time base. We plan to define cycle properties (amplitude, shape, morphology) as a function of stellar mass, age, rotation rate, chemical composition, etc.


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  • Ronald L. Gilliland
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  1. 1.High Altitude ObservatoryNational Center for Atmospheric ResearchBoulder

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