Infrared spectroscopy of the sun and stars

  • Drake Deming
Exploiting the Infrared
Part of the Lecture Notes in Physics book series (LNP, volume 291)


Spectroscopy of the Sun in the 10–12 μm infrared window has revealed the presence of emission lines due to high-n transitions in neutral Magnesium and Aluminum, as well as rotational transitions in several vibrational states of the OH radical. The very large Zeeman sensitivity of the emission lines makes them of interest in studying solar and stellar magnetic fields. Recent advances in infrared instrumentation have permitted the rapid acquisition of low-noise spectra of these lines. Time series observations of the emission lines show that they exhibit the 5-minute oscillations in a manner which is more characteristic of upper photospheric, rather than chromospheric lines. Time series observations of the OH lines give information on the flow of acoustic energy in the upper photosphere. Prospects for 10–12 μm stellar spectroscopy are discussed.


Emission Line Acoustic Energy Downward Propagation Time Series Observation Velocity Power Spectrum 


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