The coronal dividing line

  • Bernhard M. Haisch
Re-examining the Corona/Wind Dividing Line
Part of the Lecture Notes in Physics book series (LNP, volume 291)


The observational status of the Dividing Line is reviewed up through EXOSAT and including the final EINSTEIN revisions. X-ray data are now available for approximately 400 late-type stars, and IUE ultraviolet spectra have been examined for over 300 late-type stars. A table of 15 hybrids is presented. When binaries are excluded, the only X-ray stars to the right of the line are α TrA (K4III) and HR 4521 (K3III), and a TrA may be a binary (Ayres 1985). The luminosity class-MV correspondence in the HR diagram is discussed. Other possible dividing lines now include the Rotational Braking Line and a λ10830 division. It is proposed that the Dividing Line is associated with the upturn into the giant branch. It is also suggested that low levels of transition region emission near the dividing line may be unrelated to coronae, reflecting instead a basal level.


Spectral Type Hybrid Star Rotational Brake Bright Star Catalogue Blue Loop 
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