Activity in stars with shallow convection zones: The early F-type stars

  • Sidney C. Wolff
Stars with Thin and Thick Convective Zones
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Observations of transition region and coronal emission show that the onset of activity in main sequence stars occurs at about spectral type FO or Teff = 7200 K. A few hotter stars are active, but there is no observational evidence of non-radiative heating in most A-type stars. Nearly all F-type stars in the temperature range 6600 K < Teff < 7200 K are active, an unexpected result given their shallow convection zones. In these stars, the total non-radiative flux does not correlate with rotation, Rossby number, or age, and so the bulk of the non-radiative heating in these stars may not be a consequence of stellar dynamos. An alternative possibility is acoustic heating, but acoustic models at the current state of their development cannot account in detail for the observations.


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