Nonthermal phenomena in stellar coronae: Theory

  • D. B. Melrose
Nonthermal Phenomena in Stellar Coronae
Part of the Lecture Notes in Physics book series (LNP, volume 291)


The properties are reviewed of the three emission mechanisms thought to be relevant to nonthermal emission from radio stars. Gyro-synchrotron emission is an incoherent emission mechanism; it is favored for sources with brightness temperatures ≾ 1010 K. Much higher brightness temperatures imply a coherent emission mechanism, with fundamental or harmonic plasma emission and electron cyclotron maser emission being the the possibilities. Fundamental plasma emission can be highly polarized, but collisional damping should prevent it for escaping at frequencies ≿ 300 MHz, Harmonic plasma emission is at most weakly polarized and cannot explain observed highly polarized bursts. Electron cyclotron maser emission is the favored mechanism, with a proviso concerning the escape of the radiation through the strongly absorbing second harmonic layer. It is suggested that stellar bursts are likely to consist of narrowband drifting structures, and that observations to test this suggestion are desirable.


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