Optimization of special permutation networks using simple algebraic relations

  • F. Wächter
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 269)


To realize fast parallel memories permutation networks PNW are needed. For a parallel memory developed by the ZKI the PNW can be decomposed in two rotators with a special connection structure. The rotators are decomposed in levels of switches. Each level can realize shift amounts of ai or O. The whole rotation consists of rotations with shift amount ciai in the level with ci=0 or 1. The wiring amount of the level depends of the set of the ai (base). Considering the cycles of the rotation in the levels criteria were found to select bases for a small wiring amount. Good bases for rotations of q inputs have elements with small orders in the additive residue group modulo q and with orders mi-k·mj for base elements ai,aj. Using such bases the number of tracks and the wiring lengths in the levels can be reduced and the regularity of the structure increases. A PNW for N=17 was optimized corresponding the said results.


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  • F. Wächter
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  1. 1.AdW der DDR, Zentralinstitut für Kybernetik u. Informationsprozesse, IT DresdenDresden

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