Chapter 9 A technique for analyzing query execution in a multiprocessor database machine

  • F. Cesarini
  • F. Pippolini
  • G. Soda
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 257)


In this paper a methodology for representing and evaluating the execution of relational queries by a multiprocessor data base machine (DBM) is presented. The starting points are the parallel algorithms implementing the relational operators in the DBM in question and the query to be executed. A structure, called query execution graph, is obtained by the analysis of this information. A query execution graph is the detailed description of the operations the DBM must carry out in order to execute the query. A procedure for computing the execution cost of the query is given. This procedure operates on the query execution graph and also takes into account the strategy used to allocate processors to the subqueries which can be executed in parallel.


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