Astrophysical aspects of coulomb break-up of nuclear projectiles

  • H. Rebel
D. Extreme States and Decay Modes in Nuclei
Part of the Lecture Notes in Physics book series (LNP, volume 279)


Experimental studies of the break-up of light nuclear projectiles in the Coulomb field of a heavy nucleus, acting as a source of virtual photons, are proposed as an access to information about the reverse reaction: the fusion of the fragment particles at small relative energies. The mechanism of Coulomb dissociation is theoretically studied and the cross section of such reactions, being potentially of astrophysical interest, is estimated. The case of Coulomb break-up of 6Li is alternatively considered on the basis of a DWBA approach and the feasibility of dedicated experiments is discussed.


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  1. 1.Kernforschungszentrum Karlsruhe GmbHInstitut für KernphysikKarlsruheGermany

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