The chemistry of chelating agents in medical sciences

  • R. A. Bulman
Conference paper
Part of the Structure and Bonding book series (STRUCTURE, volume 67)


In the last few years interest in chelating agents has expanded rapidly with increases in the number and variety of chelating agents. Chelating agents are no longer used in medical sciences primarily to remove toxic metals from the body. Some of their new uses are to be found in non-invasive diagnostic medicine, where they are used to carry either γ-emitting or paramagnetic cations to specific parts of the body, and in the manipulation of nucleic acids, a process which facilitates fragmentation into designated sequences of nucleotides. As antimetabolites, chelating agents might find uses in the chemotherapy of protozoa, viruses, microorganisms and cancer.

The development of NMR for nuclei of the metallic elements will lead to the use of new chelating agents as models of metalloproteins.

Future developments in the use of chelating agents in the medical sciences will rest upon the preparation of new chelating agents. Of particular value for understanding the binding of metals by proteins will be the preparation of chelating agents containing mixed functional groups.


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