Pulsational analyses of post planetary nebula central stars and degenerate dwarfs

  • Sumner Starrfield
Degenerate and Pre-Degenerate Variables
Part of the Lecture Notes in Physics book series (LNP, volume 274)


Recent observational and theoretical studies of the ZZ Ceti variables (DA degenerate dwarfs), the DBV variables (DB degenerate dwarfs), and the GW Vir variables (DO degenerate dwarfs) have shown them to be pulsating in nonradial g-modes. The pulsation mechanism has been identified for each class of variable star. For the ZZ Ceti and DBV variables it is both the kappa and gamma effects in the partial ionization regions of either hydrogen or helium and also a recently identified pulsation driving mechanism called “convection blocking.” For the GW Vir variables, it is the kappa and gamma effects in the partial ionization region of carbon and oxygen. The ZZ Ceti variables must have pure hydrogen surface layers, the DBV stars must have pure helium surface layers, and the GW Vir stars must have carbon and oxygen rich surface layers with only a small amount of helium present. The accuracy of the prediction for the GW Vir stars is limited by the lack of observational determinations of their luminosity, effective temperature, and composition.


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