Pulsations of B stars-A review of observations and theories

  • Arthur N. Cox
B Star Pulsations
Part of the Lecture Notes in Physics book series (LNP, volume 274)


I discuss the observational and theoretical status for several classes of variable B stars. The older classes now seem to be better understood in TERMS of those stars that probably have at least one radial mode and those that have only nonradial modes. The former are the β Cephei variables, and the latter are the slowly rotating 53 Persei and the rapidly rotating S Ophiuchi variables. It seems that in this last class there are also some Be stars that show nonradial pulsations from the variations of the line shapes and their light. Among the nonradial pulsators, we must also include the supergiants which show pulsations with very short lifetimes, A review of the present observational and theoretical problems is given. The most persistent problem of the cause for the pulsations is briefly discussed, and many proposed mechanisms plus some new thoughts are presented.


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