Three-body problem with separable-expansion techniques and use of modern nucleon-nucleon forces

  • W. Plessas
Part I - Non Relativistic Fadeev-Like Equations for Three- and Four-Particles
Part of the Lecture Notes in Physics book series (LNP, volume 273)


An outline is given of recent attempts towards introducing meson-the-oretical nucleon-nucleon interactions into Faddeev calculations of the three-nucleon system. A method of separable expansion is explained that allows to reproduce the on-shell and off-shell behaviour of any given interaction, and its application is demonstrated for the Paris and Bonn nucleon-nucleon potentials. Corresponding results for nucleon-deuteron elastic scattering below EN = 20 MeV are reported and discussed with special emphasis on off-shell effects of the nucleon-nucleon interaction. While our investigations already allow to discard unrealistic properties, as inherent in phenomenological separable potentials used before, no evidence is as yet found against the meson-theoretical forces considered here.


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