Algorithmic complexity of term rewriting systems

  • C. Choppy
  • S. Kaplan
  • M. Soria
Efficiency Of Rewriting
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 256)


For the class of the regular term rewriting systems, we have provided ways of obtaining asymptotic evaluations of the cost series. The user does not need to actually manipulate formal series, since our results are given under the form of ready-to-use formulae. These results solely depend on physical characteristics of the system, easily obtainable : number of variables and of constructors in the lefthand sides, occurrences of derived operators in the right-hand sides. Then, the average cost is constant, polynomial or exponential, according to the position of the singularity of the expressions Qi(N(z)) closest to the origin.


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  • S. Kaplan
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  • M. Soria
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