Thin homogeneous sets of factors

  • D. Beauquier
Session 4 Theory
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 241)


This paper provides an algorithm to decide whether a set of words of length n is exactly the set of factors of length n of a unique bi-infinite word. In case of positive answer, this set of factors is said thin. We prove that a bi-infinite word u admits a thin set of factors of some length n iff u is periodic or ultimately periodic on the left and on the right but not with the same period. In other respects, as a tool for the proof, we give a standard form to the writing of a rational bi-infinite word which allows us to count easily its number of factors of length n, (i.e. : a words u such that {u} is the set recognized by a finite automation).


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  1. 1.L.I.T.P. — UER de Math.Université Paris 7Paris Cedex 05

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