Ocsamo a systolic array for matrix operations

  • A. A. Abdel Kader
Hardware Aspects & Nonnumerical Algorithms (Session 4.2)
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A new orthogonally connected systolic array for matrix operations called OCSAMO is proposed in this paper. This array is a two dimensional orthogonally connected array. It consists of interconnected simple and identical processors. This makes it suitable for VLSI implementation.

The OCSAMO is able to decompose a matrix into its upper and lower triangular matrices and to solve a system of linear equations. These operations are done in shorter time compared with other systolic arrays doing the same functions. The elements of the matrix to be processed can be fetched from the outside of the array which is the case in all other known systolic arrays. They can also be preloaded in the corresponding processing elements. Further advantages of the OCSAMO and comparison with other systolic arrays are discussed in the paper.


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