Hmesh: A vlsi architecture for parallel processing

  • C. S. Raghavendra
Hardware Aspects (Session 1.1)
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Enhancements to array processors in the form of broadcast buses have been proposed for improving the speeds of algorithms in linear algebra, image processing and computational geometry. In this paper, we consider certain practical issues in such arrays which include fewer processors connected to the broadcast buses and finite time, namely log N time for broadcasting data to N processors. We propose a modified broadcast bus VLSI architecture which consists of a √N × √N mesh connected structure and a hierarchy of broadcast buses in each row and in each column such that every bus has k PE's. That is, in any row or column, in the first level there are \(\frac{{\sqrt N }}{k}\)buses with groups of k PE's connected to each bus. One PE from each of this group is connected to second level of buses in a similar manner. This is recursively done until there are only k PE's left which are connected by a broadcast bus. With this architecture, maximum, minimum, or sum of N values can be found in O(log N), median row of a binary picture in O(log N), shortest distance between two points in O(log N). This architecture is well suited for parallel processing of applications in Linear Algebra, Image Processing, Computational Geometry and Numerical Computations. These restricted connections to buses reduces the I/O ports significantly, and therefore, is more suitable for VLSI implementation.


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  • C. S. Raghavendra
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  1. 1.Electrical Engineering-Systems DepartmentUniversity of Southern CaliforniaLos Angeles

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