The bound-state properties summary and recommendations of working group 1

  • J. L. Friar
  • B. Frois
Working Group 1: Bound-State Properties
Part of the Lecture Notes in Physics book series (LNP, volume 260)


A dozen years ago virtually nothing was known about three-nucleon forces. In the intervening years we have learned to solve routinely the trinucleon bound-state Faddeev equations for what amounts to the complete (model) nucleon-nucleon potential, and to include complicated three-nucleon forces as well. The art of constructing those forces has dramatically improved, and modern versions of these forces contain components derived from the exchange of heavy mesons, in addition to pion exchange. Experimental sophistication in probing the trinucleon ground states has made similar improvements. The recent Saclay and MIT tritium form factor experiments have finally unravelled the isospin structure of the trinucleon charge densities, and have generated new challenges for theorists. Although there are few definite conclusions yet and much remains to be done, the progress has been exceptional. Perhaps it is not too pretentious to quote the final frame of the movie 41 Destination Moon: “This is the end of the beginning.”


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