The theory of the three nucleon force

  • Bruce H. J. McKellar
Plenary Session — Joint Session
Part of the Lecture Notes in Physics book series (LNP, volume 260)


Perhaps the best summary is to collect the suggestions made through this review which outline the open problems, some of which are easier than others. One should be trying to:
  1. i)

    resolve the form factor ambiguities,

  2. ii)

    settle the importance of higher order terms in momentum space,

  3. iii)

    find a consistent framework for computing σ,σ and 3-σ, σ,σ,σ and 3-π contributions to the potential,

  4. iv)

    discuss quark-contributions,

  5. v)

    discard or modify models which do not respect theoretical and experimental constraints on the input amplitudes, and

  6. vi)

    use the π,ρ and ρ,ρ potentials in calculations.


I hope to hear progress on these questions at the next international symposium on the three-nucleon force.


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