ND elastic scattering, breakup reactions and the search for three-nucleon forces

  • H. O. Klages
Working Group 2: The Long-Wavelength Region
Part of the Lecture Notes in Physics book series (LNP, volume 260)


The present experimental situation in the nd scattering system is reviewed for the elastic scattering and for the breakup reaction channel. Faddeev calculations show the need of precise two-nucleon input in higher partial waves, especially p-waves for the description of spin-dependent observables. The experimental effort in the nd breakup reaction studies is to be guided by reliable Faddeev predictions. The sensitivity of specific kinematical situations has to be studied carefully. The inclusion of three-body forces in these calculations should be combined with a careful check of Coulomb correction methods. The pd breakup reaction could yield more information than the experimentally more difficult nd studies.


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